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FlipStart Lid Auxilary Display UI

"...FlipStart combines the performance and functionality of the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system with always-on connectivity that fits in the palm of your hand. This combination re-defines mobile computing for users who want access to business-critical software, email, and the Web while on the go..."

The FlipStart's cell phone sized auxilary display provides users with immediate access to email, calendar, contacts, and music playback from the exterior of the FlipStart form factor. Previous prototypes of the auxiliary display utilized an icon-based menu paired with a nine button control pad for input. Due to a poorly designed information architecture and a lack of coherent labels, task initiation and completion was difficult and unintuitive.

My primary responsibility was to redesign the UI for a new 176x220mm color auxiliary display that would be paired to a jog dial/back button input. I began by completely rethinking the IA, using task-based user scenerios to streamline and simplify user flows. After conducting competitive research of a variety of mobile products, I designed a text-based interface specifically for small screen and mobile requirements. Through an iterative design process I completed the final visual design. Lastly, I co-authored and was responsible for iterative revisions of the UI functional specification.

InfoPane close up flow chart