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The Classmates core subscription business revolves around reuniting classmates, yet the reunion section of the site had long been overlooked as a key revenue generator. The Planner Group Tools project would be the first redesign in four years.

The reunion section was redesigned from backend to the front, wrapping new functionality and tools into a user-friendly UI. The project was designed around the concept of the reunion as a distinct “entity” from the school, allowing the functionality and tools to be extensible to events other then school reunions. Roles were assigned to user types, so the site could conditionally serve up functionality depending on user state. The event planning process was streamlined as was the event coordinators ability to communicate with group members through announcements and email. Legacy data was incorporated into the design process so that existing reunions would be incorporated into changed UI.

The project had not yet gone live when I left Classmates, but from later conversations with collegues it was considered a major success.

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