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Community Policing Feature

The Classmates community-oriented website needed a mechanism to monitor site content utilizing members as a resource. The idea was to use our member base as “reporters” and build a simple database process to track reported content. Once a piece of content received a specific number of hits, its' display would be hidden from the community. Content tagged as offensive would require a process to allow the posting member to appeal to Member Care.

The client originally wanted each user-generated content item (photo, announcements, and bio’s) to have a “report” link attached to it. I recommended a single link at the top of the page, both to provide a consistent placement and to keep this important page uncluttered with redundant links (which could create a negative brand experience.)

The final design centers on a report page which presents all user-generated content items of the viewed profile, allowing user to check off multiple content types at once (offenders tend to abuse many content forms, not just one). Additionally, the page remembers previous reports, replacing the checkbox with a “you’ve already reported” message to prevent abusive reporting.

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