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HomeGrocer Site Redesign

"The redesign was a roaring success boosting average cart size, converting a higher number of first time buyers to repeat buys, and receiving positive feedback from our customers."

In the first year of my web design career, I worked side by side with the Senior Design team on a two phase redesign of the HomeGrocer site. Every page on the site was touched. The project was built upon a stragic new information architecture that provided users with a three click access to any product on the website, enhanced primary, secondary and tertiary navigation, created a better shopping cart and check out functionality, simplified the registration process, and provided diverse opportunites for merchandising. We also incorporated a new color palatte and branding into the design. A strong customer education componant was incorporated to keep users informed before we pulled the plug on the old site. My work included portal conceptualization and lay out, element design, art production and page composition. I also authored several sections of a post-launch document the Creative team produced that captured the methodology of our intensive six month redesign process.

Final Homepage Redesign
HomeGrocer Redesign Home Page
Interim Homepage Redesign
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