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My Classmates (Timeline Concept)

The intent of this project (which ultimately was canceled) was to redesign the users core affiliation list page as a personal chronological timeline. Our business goal was to garner more school, workplace and community (group) listings from the user by illustrating the gaps in their personal narratives as represented on the Classmates site.

As the UI Designer for this page, I worked closely with the Product Manager over several monthes to iterate on and refine the core idea. We wanted to the design to be clean so that that the user could easily locate information or listings they might be seeking, yet clearly suggest that providing further details would complete their "big picture" and make more connections possible.

I was disappointed that this project was cut due to a prolonged site freeze when a new backend was installed. I felt it was a small step forward in making the site more personally relevent to the user.

Redesign of affiliation list page to convey a timeline concept