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"Profiles contributed to a 188% increase in user-generated content and $772,412 in additional revenue in the first 60 days post-launch."

As Classmates began to rapidly acquire new Basic (unpaid) members, the company sought to increase its Gold (subscription-based) Membership value proposition by adding new features that were exclusive to Gold members. The first in a suite of projects was to redesign the users Profile page to add a Question and Answer feature. Most of the 25 Q&A answers would be viewable only by Gold Members, but a select few would be viewable by all to act as a trigger for upgrading. Another trigger was to require users to fill out their own Q&A before reading other member answers.

The project also required a redesign of the member biography feature. Bio’s had previously been singular and all-encompassing; this redesign would create targeted bio’s reflecting new Classmates business units beyond high school. The design challenge was both visual and informational; making the bio’s more attractive while seeking a solution that would provide easy access to various bio types.

This project required designing for highly conditional user states and member statuses. The biggest challenge for me as a user-centered designer was to keep the process as simple and painless as possible, even as it could require as user to complete as many as 10-15 pages, depending on the user-state. This required UX advocacy throughout the highly accelerated design process, streamlining business requirements wherever possible.

Original Profile Page
Original Profile Page
Redesigned Profile Page
Profile Page after redesign
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Question and Answer Process